It's all in the details.


A few good reasons to why choose us! we promise to give you the following:

Premium Packages

Refresh your vehicle!

Interior Premium Detail Package

Sedan Car / Truck $299

Small 5-seat SUV / Hatch $349

Large 7-seat SUV / 3 Row SUV $399

Mini Van $489

Interior & Exterior Detail Combo

Sedan Car / Truck $418

Small 5-seat SUV / Hatch $468

Large 7-seat SUV / 3 Row SUV $518

Mini Van $608

Recommended Upgrades

Pick-up Box Detail $69.99

Engine Bay Detail $69.99

Odour Removal (+24 hour) $99.99

Upgrade Sealant to Ceramic Spray $89.99

Paint Decontamination (clay towel / Iron Removal) Starts at $49.99

XPEL Interior Upholstery Protection $499

Vehicle VALET Pickup / Drop off $24.99 each way

Heavily Soiled, Excessive Cleaning Requirements (>6 hour) $99

Ultra Package

Renew your vehicle!

Interior & Exterior Ultra Detail Package

Sedan Car / Small Hatch $769

5-seat SUV / Truck $829

7-seat SUV / Mini Van $989

Why Opt for our Ultra Package?

All the service inclusions of our Interior Premium Detail Package

All the service inclusions of our Exterior Detail

We aim for a better than new feel!

+ Light Machine Polish

+ Full Headliner Cleaning

+ Multi-step Sanitation Treatment 

+ Multi-step Steam Cleaning of all upholstery

+ Stain Removal Treatment

+ Multi-step Conditioning of Surfaces

+ Engine Bay Detail

+ Paint Chemical Decontamination

+ Clay Bar

+ Upgrade from spray sealant to a one-step sealant

+ Our most experienced technicians on your service

If Heavily Soiled, Excessive Cleaning Requirement +$99

Exterior Detail 

Starting At $119

More than just a wash: we condition your wheel wells, clean your rubber, perform light hand polishing where required, chemical decontamination and iron removal from paint, and apply a spray sealant. Unsure about the results? Visit our instagram for our most recent work @beyond.detailing

Add: Engine Bay Detail $69.99

Upgrade Sealant to Ceramic Spray $89.99

Heavily soiled exteriors may incur an additional service fee

Motorcycle Detail

Starting at $339

Taking your girl out of storage?

Returning home from a bike trip?

Preparing for winter storage?

This service includes a machine polish to get your girl sparkling new! Reeelaxxx.. We got you!!

Leave your helmet with us for a complementary cleaning

Starting From $339

Ask us about adding on Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film Protection! 

Paint Correction

Quote Required

Got swirls, scratches, or halos in your paint?  Run over road paint in the fall or spring? Have excessive tar on your vehicle from road construction or worksites?

We can help you!

Send us an email at [email protected]  OR call us at 780 838 8474 OR drop into our shop for an in person quote

Paint Chip Fill

Quote Required

Need paint chips filled during your service?  No problem.  Just let us know in advance.

We have our own special tools that we use to fill your paint chips as best as we can.  YOU must bring us a paint pen at time of service.

Additional fee of $85 plus paint pen cost will be incurred if paint pen is not provided by customer at time of service.

  1. Pricing is applicable to person use vehicles and are not applicable to Oil Sands site use, off-roading, and fleet vehicles.  Some well-kept manager fleet vehicles may fall under our regular package prices, unless otherwise determined by and at the sole discretion of Beyond Detailing Ltd.  Use outside of personal use vehicles and extra-ordinary circumstances must be disclosed at time of booking to help us better estimate your package total and ensure we have the appropriate resources to meet your service needs.
  2. We have removed our select detail service offering as a commitment to our customers to evolve into their premium detail studio of choice
  3. Your vehicle will be required for the business day for our Premium Packages
  4. Your vehicle will be required for 72-hours for our Ultra Packages

Finally, a shop that shares the same passion for your vehicle that you do.


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