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Free Ionization Treatment & Vent Steam Treatment During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Refresh your vehicle!

Exterior Only

Car / Hatchback $59.99

5-seat SUV / Pickup Truck $69.99

7-seat SUV / Mini Van $79.99

Interior Only

Car / Hatchback $199.99

5-seat SUV / Crew Cab Truck $249.99

7-seat SUV / Mini Van $269.99

Combine Interior & Exterior and receive a $9.99 discount!  Vehicle required for approximately 5 hours.

Recommended Upgrades

Trunk clean & steam clean $29.99

Pick-up Box Detail starts at $19.99

Clean Entire Headliner $29.99

Stain Treatment (sharpie etc.) starts at $14.99

Convertible Hood $109.99

Engine Bay Detail $69.99

Guaranteed Odour Removal $99.99

Upgrade wax to sealant $29.99

Pet Hair No Charge

Ionization Treatment starts at $29.99

Heavily Soiled, excessive cleaning requirements Maximum $99.00

Pricing applicable to personal use vehicles and are not applicable to Site / Fleet vehicles.  Call for company pricing.

Premium Package

Renew your vehicle!

Interior & Exterior Starting At:

Car / Crossover $429.99

5-seat SUV / Crew Cab Truck $629.99

7-seat SUV / Mini Van $689.99

Why opt for a premium package?

• Light Machine Polish for a show & shine finish

• Full Headliner cleaning

• Ionization Treatment to aid in eliminating viruses

• Engine bay detail

• Paint Decontamination, inclusive of Clay Bar

• Stain Treatments

• Sealant upgrade

• Extended ionization treatment

• We aim for a better-than-new feel

Vehicle required for approximately 10 hours

Heavily Soiled, excessive cleaning requirements Maximum $99.00

Optional Upgrade to 1-step or 2-step polishing services 

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Taking your girl out of storage?

Returning home from a bike trip?

Preparing for winter storage?

Reeelaxxx.. We got you!!

Leave your helmet with us for a complementary cleaning

Starting From $239.99

Finally, a shop that shares the same passion for your vehicle that you do.


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